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Thursday, July 31, 2014

7/31/2014 2:30 PM Beaver Complex Update

Beaver Complex Fire Update

Oregon Department of Forestry Team 2- Chris Cline, Incident Commander
Phone Number:  541-826-1599
Hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

July 31, 2014
2:30 p.m.                    

Special Message: A Red Flag Warning is in effect until 11:00 p.m. tonight for abundant lightning with dry fuels.

Current Situation:  Oregon Department of Forestry Incident Management Team 2 (Incident Commander Cline) assumed command of the Beaver Complex at 10:30 a.m. today.  The Salt Creek Fire, approximately 100 acres in size, is the largest fire within the complex.  Along with suppression of Salt Creek Fire, the team will provide management of smaller fires burning near Salt Creek as they become identified.  Salt Creek Fire is burning in steep terrain on a parcel of Bureau of Land Management land protected by Oregon Department of Forestry. Salt Creek Fire was started by lightning from a storm that moved through yesterday afternoon. The Incident Command Post is located at TouVelle State Park on Table Rock Road.

Weather: Another round of scattered thunderstorms is expected this afternoon and evening.  Rain will accompany most storms but abundant lightning is expected to be a major concern due mostly to dry fuels.  Temperatures will range from 95 to 100 degrees.  Isolated thunderstorms are expected again on Friday.

Fire Statistics:
Location:  20 miles northwest of Medford, OR                      Percent Contained: 0%                               Complex Size:  100 acres                                                        Cause:  Lightning                               
Start Date: 7/30/14                                                                 Total Personnel: 150             
Resources Include: 5 hand crews, 6 engines, 3 dozers, 4 water tenders, and overhead personnel.
Air Resources:  5 helicopters, 1 air tanker.
Places to get information:

Twitter -

Southwest Oregon District Blog -

7/31/2014 1:30 pm Logging Unit Fires Update

Oregon Incident Management Team #1 (Oregon Team 1) assumed command of the Bear Butte 2 Fire and the Logging Unit Fires this morning at 6:00 a.m.

The “Logging Unit Fires” include the Haily Butte, Camas Prairie, Skyline, and North Pinhead Fires, as well as the Logging Unit Fire.

The Bear Butte Fire includes only the northern portion of the fire within the boundaries of the Warm Springs Reservation.

The fires did not grow on Wednesday, but there was interior fire activity and some spotting occurred outside the lines on the Logging Unit Fire near Road 187. The spot fires were extinguished by the end of shift. As heavy fuels, such as large tree roots and downed logs, become increasingly dry since last week’s rain, they are burning more thoroughly and flaming up occasionally.

A Red Flag Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service today through Saturday for thunderstorms producing abundant lightning. Oregon Team 1 will assist as needed with responses to new fires.

The rerouting of a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail in the vicinity of Pinhead Butte and the Wasco/Clackamas County line remains in effect.

Road closures apply to specific areas within the Warm Springs Reservation. Road Closures that apply to the public (with the exception of local residents) are the B-180, B-160, and B-140 roads at their intersection with HWY 26.  Full road closures apply to the B-160 near the B-165 junction, the County Line Road at the end of the pavement, and the J-100 Road at the Tenino Road junction.

The two area closures associated with the fires are shown on the attached map of closures.

Fire at a Glance

Total Incident Size:       10,447 acres
-Bear Butte 2 (north half):  3803 ac.
- Logging Unit Fires:          6644 ac.

Containment: 80%

Assigned Personnel: 891

-2 Type 1 Heavy Lift helicopters
-1 Type 3 Light Lift helicopter
-1 Fixed Wing Air Mgt Aircraft

-Logging Unit Fires: 15 miles WSW of Simnasho on the Warm Springs Reservation.
-Bear Butte 2 Fire: 25 miles WSW of Warm Springs on the Warm Springs Reservation.

Cause:  Started by lightning on July 16, 2014

Fire Information Number: (541) 777-2862

Fire Information E-Mail:

Fire Information Website:

7/31/2014 Large Fire Map

7/31/2014 1:19 pm Chiwaukum Fire Update

Highway 2   re-opened today at 0900 on July 31, 2014. There are Washington DOT pilot cars from the Alps store to Winton (approximately 8 miles). Fire operational personnel and traveling public will be piloted in both directions at 35 miles per hour. There will be traffic control points staffed at the turn around points to hold additional traffic. All piloted road turn outs will be marked with "No Parking" signs and/or cones.  Stopping will not be allowed within the piloted area. 
This piloted route is planned for 3-4 days. Having this road remain open will depend on fire behavior, any initial attack near the road, any medical emergencies, spot fires, and the traveling public's adherence to the rules.  At any time there is a safety issue to the public and/or fire personnel, the road will be closed and the detour through Chumstick will resume.
The Type 1 Southern Area Incident Management Team (Dueitt) is managing the Chiwaukum Complex.
Suppression of these fires is an interagency effort, including Chelan County Fire Districts 1, 3, 4, 8 and 9; Washington DNR; Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Bureau of Land Management, and the National Guard.
Chiwaukum Creek Fire:   The fire was active on the northwest corner and western flank yesterday. Portions of southern flank grew slowly. Crews were successful in maintaining containment on the north and east perimeter. Due to unstable atmospheric conditions hot air above the fire carried ash and debris, creating smoke plumes over the fire. Helicopters dropped over 300,000 gallons of water to cool hot spots, helping to limit the growth of the fire on Thursday. Crews extended the
McCue Ridge  handline to the west.  Other resources focused on mopping up the north line, responding to spots outside the fire-line. Resources are in place around the fire for rapid response to any new starts in the area.  
Duncan Fire:  The Duncan fire sent up a column of smoke to 30,000 feet in elevation as it burned an additional 846 acres on the north and south flanks.  The fire remained hot along the southern flank where it slowly moved downhill toward the Entiat River.  Heavy equipment, in combination with hand crews are thinning trees and brush along the Shady Pass Road (FR5900). Work along the Entiat River Road has been completed and crews have been repositioned south of the fire to support work on the shaded break. This fuel break will give managers a range of suppression options if the fire moves to the south and east. 
Mills Canyon Fire:  95% of this fire is contained and will continue to be monitored by engine crews.  
Kelly Mountain Fire:  100% containment was declared on the fire on Tuesday and is monitor status.
Weather:  The Haines Index, a measurement of potential fire growth, will remain at an elevated level of 5 (maximum of 6).  There is a chance of thunderstorms in the area on Friday into Saturday. High temperatures and low relative humidity are expected.
Evacuations/Closure Information:  Chelan County Emergency Services posts updated evacuations and closures on their Facebook and Twitter sites at or follow them on twitter @ChelanCountyEM. 
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest:
Smoke Information: and Leavenworth  webcam at:
Highway Information: or follow twitter: @wsdot

7/31/2014 Información de última hora y mapas

El Highway 2 se re-abrió hoy, 31 de julio 2014 a las 0900. Hay un carro piloto del Washington DOT sirviendo de guía desde la tienda Alps hasta Winton (aproximadamente 8 millas).  El público en general y el personal de incendio serán guiados en ambas direcciones a 35 millas por hora.  Habrá puntos de control deteniendo el tráfico. En esta ruta se cerrarán con rótulos de "no estacionarse" o conos de control de tráfico todos los "turn arounds" o sea puntos donde normalmente el tráfico pudiera regresarse. No se permitirá estacionarse a lo largo de la ruta del carro piloto.
Se piensa tener esta ruta por 3 a 4 días, dependiendo en el comportamiento del incendio, en emergencias médicas, en si brotan o no áreas de incendio, y en que tan bien se adhiere el público a las reglas. Al surgir un problema de seguridad que amenace al público o al personal del incendio, se cerrará la carretera y se volverá a usar el desvié por Chumstick. 
El equipo "Type 1 Southern Area Incident Management Team (Dueitt)" está a cargo del Chiwaukum Complex.
La supresión de estos incendios representa un esfuerzo colaborativo y cooperación entre varias agencias: Chelan County Fire Districts 1, 3, 4, 8 y 9; Washington DNR; Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, el Bureau of Land Management, y la Guarda Nacional.
 Incendio Chiwaukum Creek:   Ayer el fuego estuvo activo en la esquina noroeste y el lado oeste. Porciones del lado sur crecieron lentamente. Las cuadrillas tuvieron éxito en mantener contención en los perímetros norte y este. Debido a condiciones atmosféricas inestable el aire caliente sobre el fuego levantó cenizas creando plumas de humo sobe el incendio. Los helicópteros depositaron 300,000 galones de agua en áreas calientes, así ayudando a limitar el crecimiento del incendio del jueves. Las cuadrillas extendieron la línea a lo largo de McCue Ridge hacia el oeste. Otros recursos se están concentrando en limpieza general en la línea norte, encargándose de áreas calientes fuera de la línea de incendio. Hay recursos colocados alrededor del incendio para respuesta rápida en caso de que empiecen nuevos incendios.
Incendio Duncan: El incendio Duncan envió una columna de humo a elevación de 30,000 pies mientras se quemaba un área de 846 acres en las líneas norte y sur. El incendio permanece caliente en el lado sur donde lentamente se mueve cuesta abajo hacia el rio Entiat.  Maquinaria pesada y personal de cuadrillas están desahijando arboles y arbusto a lo largo de Shady Pass Road (FR5900). Ya se completó el trabajo a lo largo del Entiat River Road y las cuadrillas han sido reasignadas al sur del incendio en apoyo al trabajo que se hace allí. Esta interrupción de combustible dará una variedad de opciones de supresión si es que el incendio se mueve hacia el sur y el este 
Incendio Mills Canyon: Contención es de 95%  y continuará siendo monitoreada por cuadrillas con maquinaria.
Incendio Kelly Mountain: El martes se declaró 100% contención. Se continuará  monitoreando.
El Tiempo: El índice Haines, una indicación del potencial para crecimiento del incendio,  permanecerá en un nivel elevado de 5 (el máximo es 6). Permanece la probabilidad de chubascos y tormentas eléctricas en esta área el viernes y sábado.  Se esperan temperaturas altas y baja humedad relativa.
Información sobre Evacuaciones/Cierres: El Chelan County Emergency Services coloca evacuaciones y cierres en su página de Facebook y Twitter en o en  twitter @ChelanCountyEM.
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest:
Información sobre el humo y el webcam Leavenworth en:
Información sobre las carreteras: o twitter: @wsdot


7/31/2014 12:11 pm Haystack Complex Fire Update

July 31, 2014                                                                   11:00 a.m.                      Fire Information 503-758-8253

Haystack Complex

JOHN DAY, OR – Oregon Department of Forestry’s Incident Management Team #1 took over management of the Haystack Complex of fires at 6:00 a.m. on July 31, 2014.  The Incident Command Post is located at Spray, Oregon. These fires occurred on private lands are full suppression the fires.
The three fires in the Complex were started by lightning on the evening of July 29, 2014 and were initial attacked by local ODF John Day Unit’s resources along with great assistance from local landowners, rural fire departments and the US Forest Service.
Current Status:

Haystack Fire
ODOT opened State Route 207 the afternoon on July 30, 2014 after fire activity slowed in the area.  The fire is located approximately 3 miles northeast of Spray and is now estimated at approximately 890 acres.

Steet Fire
The fire is located in the Monument vicinity and is currently mapped at approximately 50 acres.

Throop Fire
The fire is located three miles north of Dayville and is currently mapped at approximately 490 acres.

All these fires are burning in a mixed fuel type comprised of scattered conifers, brush and grasses.

Firefighting resources continue to arrive at the incident and current resources working on the incident include:

Crews – 10; Dozers – 6; Engines – 12; Tenders 3; Total personnel: 300
Air resources are available from the John Day Helibase and include 3 single engine air tankers, and 4 helicopters

7/31/2014 9:21 am Lone Mountain 1 Daily Update

Attached is the Daily Update for Thursday, July 31st.


Lone Mountain 1 Fire

                                       Thursday, July 31, 2014

Contact: Information Desk in Winthrop: 509-996-3624
Public Information Officers: Glenda Scott and Peri Suenram (406-540-3091) in Winthrop, and Kim Smolt in Stehekin (509-699-2080, ext.18).
Please be patient and use all of our lines as we have inconsistent phone coverage.

Cause: Lightning, July 14, 2014
Location: Boulder Creek drainage, northeast of Stehekin and west of Butte Creek, in the Stephen
Mather Wilderness
Jurisdiction: North Cascades National Park Complex, National Park Service
Size: 1725 acres
Command: N. Rockies Wildland Fire Management Team, John Thompson, Incident Commander
Strategy: Point protection and modified suppression

The fire grew about 25 acres yesterday but is reported to be approximately 30 percent contained.  Growth was on the north end of the fire, west of the lower reaches of Rennie Creek and did produce some smoke.  Most fire activity consisted of short runs and single tree torching.  Should fire growth continue to the north, it will encounter good natural barriers and sparse fuels.  More smoke is expected today.

Two wildland fire modules conducted direct suppression activities by working the hot spots in the interior of the fire near Butte and Boulder Creeks.  Helicopters dropped 5000 gallons of water on the fire to aid with this work. 

The North Cascades National Park Superintendent, Karen Taylor-Goodrich, and Fire Management Officer, Dee Townsend, flew the fire area on Wednesday to review the suppression efforts.

As we move into August, the hot and dry weather we are experiencing will continue to challenge fire fighters with both the suppression and fuels reduction efforts in North Cascades National Park.  To date, the Lone Mountain 1 fire is reporting no accidents.

All services are available in Stehekin.  The North Cascades National Park Superintendent has closed the Boulder Creek Trail in the Stephen Mather Wilderness. The Forest Supervisor of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest has lifted the area closure in the vicinity of the Lone Mountain 1 Fire on National Forest Lands with the exception of War Creek and Williams Creek trails.

For the latest fire information, go to: . Our facebook page is only intermittently tended.
Please email  to receive updates electronically.

7/31/2014 NWCC Morning Brief

NWCC Morning Brief: Thursday, July 31, 2014      

National Preparedness Level: 3
For the National Incident Management Situation Report (IMSR), see:

: In the Northwest (last 24 hrs), abundant lightning through south central Oregon with scattered lightning in parts of eastern Oregon. Precipitation was variable with these storms. Moderate to heavy IA occurring from lightning from southwest to central Oregon. Two new large fires. Continued lightning forecast in much of Oregon in combination with existing dry fuels.

National Fire Activity
Initial attack activity: Moderate (209 new fires)
New large fires: 6
Large fires contained: 0
Uncontained large fires: *27
Area Command Teams committed: 0
NIMOs committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 6
Type 2 IMTs committed: 8
*Uncontained large fires include only fires being managed under a full suppression strategy

Northwest Preparedness Levels: Today: 5
3-Day: 5, 10-Day: 4, 30-Day: 4

Northwest Fire Activity
New fires and acres (Last 24 hrs)
: 51 fires for 2,044 acres (12,445acres growth on existing large fires*)
OR: 44 fires for 1,892 acres
WA: 7 fires for 152 acres
*[acreage reductions not included]

Northwest Large Fires
Uncontained Large Fires: 18 (OR:13,WA:5)

IMTs Committed in NW
NIMO Teams committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 5
Type 2 IMTs committed: 4

Incidents not Previously-Reported: 2

Haystack Complex (3 fires) OR-952S-0214621. IMT2. ODF Team 1 (Buckman). 9 mi NW of Kimberly, OR. Start 7/29. Grass. Cause lightning. 1,736 acres.  Reported on 7/30 AM Brief as (single fire) Incident 580 OR-PRD-000580.
Haystack OR-952S-0214621. 4 mi NE of Spray, OR. Start 7/29. Grass. Cause lightning. 1,200 acres. 10% cont.
Steet Mountain OR-952S-014266. 2 mi NE of Dayville, OR. Start 29. Grass. 50 acres. 60% cont.
Throop OR-952S-014258. 27 mi W of John Day, OR. Start 29. Grass. 486 acres. 100% cont.  
Salt Creek OR-711S-018115. ICT3. 20 mi NW of Medford, OR. Start 7/30. Full Suppression. Timber. Cause lightning. 100 acres. 0% containment. Moderate fire behavior, torching, spotting. Values at risk; natural resources.

Incidents Previously-Reported: 17

Chiwaukum Complex WA-OWF-000356. IMT1. SA Red Team (Duiett). 9 mi NW of Leavenworth, WA. Start 7/15. Multiple Suppression Strategies (Confine/Point Zone Protection/Full Suppression). Timber. Cause lightning. 13,395 acres (+275 ac). 27% containment. Creeping, smoldering with scattered torching. Values at risk; cabins, homes, powerlines, logging equipment, T&E species and natural resources. Level 1 and 2 evacuations. Hwy 2 is closed. Washington state fire mob ended 7/30 2400. National Guard troops (100) are active and engaged in eastern edge.
Includes; Chiwaukum Creek, Kelly Mountain and Duncan Ridge fires. This incident is being managed with Mills Canyon.

Carlton Complex WA-NES-000534. Multiple IMTs (3 zones). 7 mi S of Twisp, WA. Start 7/14. Full Suppression. Timber. Cause lightning. 251,698 acres (+673 ac). 71% containment. Carlton Zone: (IMT1) NR Team (Blume), East Zone: (IMT2) WA Team 3 (Allbee), South Zone: (IMT1) SOPS Team (Oplinger). Moderate fire behavior.
Values at risk; private and public lands, campgrounds, powerlines, habitat. Level 1 evacuations. Includes; Stokes Road, French Creek, Golden Hike and Cougar Flats. Transition of all zones to single IMT1 (Blume) planned for 8/2.

Logging Unit Fires
OR-WSA-000070. IMT1. PNW Team 2 (Schulte). 25 mi NW of Warm Springs, OR. Start 7/16. Full Suppression. Timber. Cause lightning. 6,644 acres (+0 ac). 80% containment. Creeping and smoldering. Includes; Skyline 116 acres (+0 ac), Haily Butte 107 acres (+0 ac), Camas Prairie 6,104 acres (+0 ac), Logging Unit 316 acres (+0 ac). Bear Butte II: Northern portion on WSA lands reported by Logging Unit Fires, southern portion on DEF lands reported by Bridge 99 Complex. Planned transfer of command to OR Team 1 (Williams) 7/31 0600.
Bear Butte II OR-DEF-000318. 23 mi SW of Warm Springs, OR. Start 7/13. Timber. Lightning. 3,803ac (+0 ac). 80% cont. Creeping and smoldering.

Lone Mountain 1
WA-NCP-000018. IMT2. MT Team (Thompson). 3 mi N of Stehekin, WA. Start 7/14. Multiple Suppression Strategies (Confine/Point Zone Protection). Timber. Cause lightning. 1,725 acres (+20 ac). 30% containment. Stephen Mather Wilderness. Moderate fire behavior, torching, short crown runs, short range spotting. Potential threat to national forest lands.

Kitten Complex OR-VAD-000098. IMT1. NR Team (Poncin). 40 mi W of Vale, OR. Start 7/23. Full Suppression. Brush. Cause lightning. 22,700 acres (+0 ac). 90% containment. Smoldering. Values at risk; reduced threat to communities and natural resource values. Includes Kitten Canyon 4,263 ac (+0), 90% cont, Juniper 1,147 ac (+0), 90% cont, Stemler 4,832 ac (+0), 90% cont, Brogan Hill 12,458 ac (+0), 90% cont. Transfer of command to local unit 7/31 end of shift.

Mills Canyon
WA-SES-000267. IMT1. SA Red Team (Duiett). 2 mi SW of Entiat, WA. Start 7/8. Full Suppression. Grass, brush and timber. Cause unknown. 22,571 acres (+0 ac). 95% containment. Minimal fire behavior. This incident is being managed with Chiwaukum Creek.

Buzzard Complex OR-BUD-004111. IMT3. 45 mi NE of Burns, OR. Start 7/14. Full Suppression. Grass and brush. Cause lightning. 395,747 acres (+0 ac). 98% containment. Continue rehab. Steep, inaccessible terrain. Includes Buzzard 282,801 ac, (+0 ac) 98% cont. and the following, all 100% contained; Bartlet 728 ac (+0 ac), Lamb Ranch, Beaver Creek 22,863 ac (+0 ac), Twin Reservior 10,355 ac (+0 ac), Saddle Draw 79,000 ac (+0 ac).

Launch OR-FWF-140326. IMT2. OR Team 2 (Fillis). 29 mi NW of Klamath Falls, OR. Start 7/28. Full Suppression. Timber, grass understory. Cause unknown. 75 acres (+0 ac). 0% containment. Active fire behavior, group torching, spotting. Values at risk; Sky Lake Wilderness. Currently does not meet large fire criteria. Not counted in uncontained large fires summary.

Ochoco Complex OR-OCF-000390. IMT3. 17 mi E of Post, OR. Start 7/18. Full Suppression. Timber. Cause lightning. 10,004 acres (+0 ac). 94% containment. Minimal fire behavior, mop-up, rehab. Values at risk: natural resources, sage grouse habitat. Includes; Fox/Oscar Canyon 9,848 acres (94% cont.), Lava 137 acres (100% cont), Broadway 5 acres (100% cont), and Antelope Springs 14 acres (100% cont). Transfer of command from EB Team 6 (Dunford) to IMT3 occurred 7/30 0600.
Bridge 99 Complex (2 fires) OR-DEF-000329. IMT3. 20 mi N of Sisters, OR. Start 7/13. Multiple Suppression Strategies (Confine/Full Suppression). Timber. Cause lightning. 5,699 acres (+0 ac). 95% containment. Smoldering. All evacuations lifted. Road closures remain. Bear Butte II: Northern portion on WSA lands reported by Logging Unit Fires, southern portion on DEF lands reported by Bridge 99 Complex.
Bridge 99 5,084 ac (+0 ac). No anticipated growth. Estimated containment 7/31.
Bear Butte II 615 ac (+0 ac). Long-term planning on Mt. Jefferson Wilderness portion. No anticipated containment date or final size reported.

Bingham Complex OR-WIF-140090. IMT4. 5 mi E of Marion Forks, OR. Start 7/13. Multiple Suppression Strategies (Confine/Full Suppression). Timber. Cause lightning. 452 acres (+0 ac). 50% containment. Creeping and smoldering. Values at risk; structures, commercial property, T&E species and natural resources. Includes; Bingham Ridge 275 ac. (+0 ac), Lizard 175 ac. (+0 ac), Inc 152 (2 ac), Inc 162 (0.10 ac). No update received.

Reeves Creek OR-712-014915. IMT3. 19 mi SW of Grants Pass, OR. Start 7/28. Full Suppression. Timber, grass understory. Cause unknown. 204 acres. (-28 ac). 50% containment. Smoldering.

Toroda Mountain WA-NES-000789. IMT3. 27 mi NE of Omak, WA. Start 7/29. Full Suppression. Timber, grass. Cause unknown. 150 acres (+50 ac). 0% containment. Difficult terrain. No update received.

China Cap OR-WWF-000672. ICT4. 25 mi E of La Grande, OR. Start 7/29. Full Suppression. Timber. Cause lightning. 195 acres. (-105 ac). 0% containment. Moderate fire behavior, group torching, backing. Values at risk; Wilderness values, anadromous fisheries.

Sniption OR-PRD-000539. IMT3. 15 mi N of Fossil, OR. Start 7/29. Grass. Cause unknown. 12,000 acres. (+11,000 ac). 5% containment. Reported on 7/30 AM Brief as Incident 539.

Black Rock OR-PRD-000358. IMT3. 10 mi E of Antelope, OR. Full Suppression. Start 7/14. Grass. 35,731 acres (+0 ac). 95% containment. Smoldering.

Hurricane Creek OR-WWF-000477. ICT3. 5 mi SW of Joseph, OR. Start 7/14. Multiple Suppression Strategies (Monitor/Confine/Full Suppression). Timber. Cause lightning. 929 acres (+427 ac). 40% containment. Active fire behavior, short hill runs, group torching. Minimum weekly reporting on this incident. Last 209 7/30.

Northwest Weather Highlights / Fire Potential:

A ridge of high pressure continues to build over the Pacific NW with near to above normal temperatures and dry conditions persisting across much of the area. Moisture and instability associated with the upper level pattern will produce significant lightning mostly east of the Cascades over Oregon and eventually into Washington by Friday. Thunderstorms will also develop west of the Cascades across SW Oregon into the weekend and possibly over NW Washington Friday and through the weekend. Moderate to heavy IA with large fires is expected across the Pacific NW, especially east of the crest through the weekend. Normal to elevated burning conditions exist across much of the Pacific NW. High risk blankets much of central and eastern Oregon/Washington through the weekend with anticipated significant lightning in areas with receptive fuels. The thermal trough will also increase fire activity east of the Cascades.

NW 7-Day Significant Fire Potential Forecast
Nat'l 7-Day Significant Fire Potential Forecas

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7/30/2014 NEWS RELEASE: Forest Regrets Loss of Contract Firefighter

Contact:        Erica Hupp          541-883-6715                               July 30, 2014


Klamath Falls, Oregon – On July 29, a firefighter from a contract fire crew assigned to the Launch Fire suffered a fatal injury not related to fire suppression activities.

An investigation into the death is being led by the Klamath County Sheriff's Office, and the victim's family has been notified.

Specific details surrounding the investigation, including the victim's name and the nature of the circumstances leading up to his death, will be released through the Klamath County Sheriff's Office. Any additional details will be released as soon as they become available.

The Forest and the entire wildland fire community are saddened by the tragic loss of one of our firefighters," said Connie Cummins, Forest Supervisor for the Fremont-Winema National Forest. "Our hearts go out to their family, friends and co-workers."

"We are saddened by this news," added Acting Regional Forester Becki Lockett Heath.  "The death of anyone involved with protecting life and property from wildfire affects us all. We send our thoughts and prayers from the Forest Service to all who knew and cared for him."
On July 28, the Launch Fire started in the Sky Lakes Wilderness on the Fremont-Winema National Forest. It is estimated to be around 100 acres. An investigation of the origin of the fire determined that it was human caused.  Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations has gathered evidence at the fire origin, is interviewing witnesses, and is following up on several leads.


7/30/2014 11:50 am Bridge 99 Fire Update

Sisters, OR – The Level I evacuation order for all private lands along the Metolius River from Allen Springs Campground to Lake Billy Chinook (including the Metolius Arm) has been lifted.  As of 11:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, no evacuations exist from the Bridge 99 Complex.  Road, trail and area closures are still in effect (see details below).

The Bridge 99 Fire is nearly contained.  Smoke from unburned fuels, stump holes and large diameter woody debris continues to be reported.  Crews will continue to patrol the fire perimeter and repair damage from fire suppression efforts.  Fire hose and water pumps are being removed from the fire.

Completion of a contingency line in the event the Bear Butte 2 Fire expands south and out of the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness is expected by tomorrow.

A Fire Weather Watch is in effect from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday evening for thunderstorms producing abundant lightning.

The following Forest Service roads, trails, campgrounds and lands remain closed:

Forest Road 12, from its intersection with Forest Roads 1270/1298 to Bridge 99, Forest Road 11, from its junction with Forest Road 1120, Forest Road 1140, from its intersection with Forest Roads 1150/1180 to the intersection with Forest Road 1152, Forest Road 1154, from its intersection with Forest Road 1150 to the intersection with Forest Road 1140, andForest Road 1420400.  The Jefferson Lake Trail (#4001), Sugar Pine Ridge Trail (#4002), Shirley Lake Trail (#4003.1), and the Cabot Lake Trail (#4003) are closed within the Mt Jefferson Wilderness.  An area closure has been designated on a map that is available on the Inciweb website listed below.

The above closures will continually be assessed to determine if they remain appropriate to protect public health and safety.  Local residents and visitors are encouraged to adhere to the posted closure, as fire-weakened trees and rolling rocks exist as hazards within the area.

The Bridge 99 Complex consists of two fires (the Bridge 99 Fire and the Bear Butte 2 Fire). The Bridge 99 Fire is burning 18 miles northwest of the city of Sisters on Green Ridge, next to the Metolius River. The southern portion of the Bear Butte 2 Fire is burning in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness on the Deschutes National Forest. The northern portion of the Bear Butte 2 Fire is on the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs lands and is being managed by the Fire Team working on the Logging Unit Complex.