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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

10/29/14 NWCC Year to Date Fires

2014 Northwest Year-to-Date Large Fire Statistics

• To date, 1,265,812* acres in the Northwest were affected by wildfire, which include852,051* in Oregon and 413,761* in Washington.

• There have been a total of 3,660* reported fires in the Northwest region with 94meeting the criteria of a large fire which includes 58 in Oregon and 36 in Washington.

• The NW had a record setting 43 days at #1 on the National Incident Management Situation Report (IMSR).

• The NW stayed at PL5 for 31 days; the previous record was set in 2006 for 24 days.

• To date, there have been a total of 128,513 lightning strikes.  The single largest day in 2014 recorded 21,094 strikes.

• In Oregon, the largest fire/complex was the Buzzard Complex for a total of 395,747 acres.

• The largest fire/complex in Washington was the Carlton Complex at 256,108 acres.

• The total cost to date exceeds $459,935,506 which includes $279,690,645 in Oregon and $180,244,861 in Washington.

• During the peak fire activity there were over 12,000 firefighters and support personnel working over 900,000 active fire acres.
• Over 35 Interagency Hotshot Crews from all over the nation were assigned within the region.
• During the peak fire activity, the Northwest region saw 19 Incident Management Teams assigned at the same time.

• In 2013 the NW had 4,389 reported fires with a total of 503,993 acres

• To date there have been 2,145* lightning fires and 1,515* human-caused fires.  

*Not all dispatch offices have reported all their fires for the season.  This number will increase once final numbers are reported. Acreage changes from last report are due to reconciling information from the reporting process.