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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

1/26/2015 2014 Northwest Large Fire Statistics

2014 Northwest Large Fire Statistics


·         1,293,535 acres in the Northwest were consumed by wildfire, which includes 868,399 in Oregon and 425,136 in Washington.

·         There were a total of 4,572 reported fires in the Northwest region with 97 meeting the criteria of a large fire which includes 60 in Oregon and 37 in Washington.

·         The NW had a record setting 43 days at #1 on the National Incident Management Situation Report (IMSR). 

·         The NW stayed at PL5 for 31 days; the previous record was set in 2006 for 24 days.

·         To date, there have been a total of 128,513 lightning strikes.  The single largest day in 2014 recorded 21,094 strikes (figures as of 10/29/14).

·         In Oregon, the largest fire/complex was the Buzzard Complex for a total of 395,747 acres.

·         The largest fire/complex in Washington was the Carlton Complex at 256,108 acres.

·         The total cost to date exceeds $460,565,506 which includes $280,310,645 in Oregon and $180,254,861 in Washington.

·         During the peak fire activity there were over 12,000 firefighters and support personnel working over 900,000 active fire acres.
·         Over 35 Interagency Hotshot Crews from all over the nation were assigned within the region.

·         During the peak fire activity, the Northwest region saw 19 Incident Management Teams assigned at the same time.

·         In 2013 the NW had 4,389 reported fires with a total of 503,993 acres 

·         There were 2,417 lightning fires and 2,155 human-caused fires reported.