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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9/16/2015 Grizzly Bear Update

The Work of Rehabilitation and Suppression
 Thursday, September 17 will be the last Daily Update unless the situation changes significantly.

     Dayton, WA – The Incident Command Team is winding down operations on the Grizzly Bear Complex.  Plans are in place to turn the fires back to the Umatilla National Forest on Thursday (9/17/15). Local fire managers will assume the responsibility of the continued suppression and rehabilitation work that is now being done.  

Crews on the southern portion of the fire will be breaking down the spike camp at Elk Flats beginning today as future crews and equipment will be based out of Tollgate, Oregon at the Forest Service Work Center there.  Crews working the northern side of the complex will be based out of Godman Guard Station today and  the Pomeroy, Washington office after tomorrow.

There is still active fire in the area and the danger of ignitions around the perimeter of the fire still exists.  The public is asked to please respect the closures in the area.  It will be lifted as soon as it is safe to do so. Road guards will be working in the area.

Forest Roads 64, 6415, 62 and portions of the 46 and 4608 roads are still closed.  The Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness and some adjacent non-wilderness lands that have been directly impacted by fire will remain closed to access.  This non-wilderness area is roughly the area from Big Hole to Eden Bench. See the websites listed below for maps of the most up-to-date area and road closures.

Equipment will still be working and changing location in the general fire area.   Please watch the roads you travel for crew and machinery.

A current closure description and map of closed roads is available at all Umatilla National Forest offices as well as on the Umatilla National Forest website: in addition to the “closures” tab located at the

Please call the following numbers for information concerning the Grizzly Bear Complex on the Walla Walla or Pomeroy Ranger Districts.  General questions can be answered at the Supervisor’s Office.

   Pendleton Supervisor’s Office at: 541-278-3716

   Pomeroy Ranger District at:         509-843-1891

   Walla Walla Ranger District at:    509-522-6290

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