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Friday, September 25, 2015

9/25/2015 North Star and Tunk Block FINAL update

Tunk Block Fire: Suppression repair is nearing completion and most of it will likely be completed by Saturday. Most of the resource concerns caused by fireline construction and the use of roads to access the fire have been mitigated. Fire and land managers are satisfied that the majority of the area where firelines were constructed has been restored. Potential sediment delivery into streams and rivers and gully and surface erosion has been mitigated. Approximately 221 miles of suppression repair have been completed on the Tunk Block Fire.

North Star Fire: Like the Tunk Block Fire, fire crews have been working hard and much of the resource concerns have been mitigated. Potential sediment delivery into rivers and streams has been mitigated and firelines have been restored. Approximately 296 miles of suppression repair have been completed on the North Star Fire. Most of the suppression repair should be completed by this weekend.

Weather: The weather is predicted to be in the 60-70’s with a slight chance of an afternoon shower today. It is expected to be warm and dry over the weekend.

Closures: The Okanogan-Wenatchee and Colville National Forests have closures encompassing the entire fire areas and adjacent forested areas. Other areas outside of the burned areas remain open to recreation, hunting and woodcutting. Colville Indian Reservation forest and recreational areas within the fires are closed. See the maps at and for more specific information.

Donation Information: The Long Term Recovery Group is accepting donations to benefit anyone affected by the Eastern Washington fires. They are located at 41 Apple Way in Okanogan (the former Tribal Bingo Hall) The Red Cross also accepts donations (1-800-Red-Cross).
Today is the last day this update will be produced and mailed out. California Interagency Incident Management Team 1 is turning the fires back to the local agencies Saturday evening. If you have future questions, please call the local land management agency for the area you have a question about. The social media sites listed below will no longer be updated after Friday.

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