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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5/31/2016 NWCC Fire Brief

Date/Time Stamp: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 1030 hrs Weekend overview, Friday 5/27-Monday 5/30. Updated Preparedness Levels.
Posting frequency is currently weekly, Friday mornings, or as activity dictates. Daily reporting begins with increased fire activity.
Note: Until standard content/format begins, the weekly format serves primarily as a general synopsis of trends in fire activity (wildfire and prescribed) and fire potential. Links to Fire Potential and Fuels Status Products are listed below as these highlight subjects of interest leading into fire season.

Northwest Activity Summary

Warm with breezy conditions over the holiday weekend. 23 fires reported over the weekend with 3 fires meeting large fire criteria and 4 others reporting larger than 50 acres. Fire mobilization authorized on Sunland fire near George, WA.

Preparedness Levels

1 (10/09/15)
1 (no change)
Northwest PL Forecast
2 (up one)
2 (up one)

Northwest Fire Activity

Northwest IMT Activity

Large Fire Summary (5/27-5/30)
New large fires: 3
Large fires contained: 0
Uncontained large fires: 0 (OR: 0, WA: 0)
NIMOs committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 0
Type 2 IMTs committed: 0
New Fires and Acres (5/27-5/30)
23 fires for 2,269 acres
OR: 11 fires for 1,098 acres
WA: 12 fires for 1,171 acres
National Fire Activity and Year-to-date Statistics
National Incident Management Situation Report
Reporting schedule weekly (Fridays) while at National Preparedness Level 1
Year-to-Date Fires and Acres
285 fires for 4,305 acres
OR: 119 fires for 2,113 acres
WA: 166 fires for 2,192 acres
For details, see NW Daily Situation Report

Northwest Current Incident Details (week of 5/13-5/19)

Incidents not Previously Reported: 3

Sunland WA-WFS-000626. ICT3, 5 mi W of George, WA. Start 5/29. Full Suppression. Cause: unkn. 1,000 acres. 10% containment. Expect containment 5/31. Fire Mobilization Authorized.

McNary OR-UMA-000192. 2 miles E of McNary. Full Suppression. Brush Grass. Cause: unkn. 350 acres. Limited Information available.

0121 RN SOUTH JCT OR-PRD-000121. ICT3. 15 mi N of Madras, OR. Start: 5/29. Full Suppression. Cause: human. 500 acres. 0% containment. Brush/grass. Moderate fire behavior. Securing flanks and improving lines.

Incidents Previously Reported: 0

Northwest Fires Utilizing Monitor, Confine, Point Zone Protection Suppression Strategies (YTD) (link)

None currently reported.
Lists fires (of any size) that singly utilize Monitor, Confine or Point Zone Protection suppression strategies, or use Multiple Suppression Strategies (which may also include a Full Suppression component).

Northwest Fire Potential Summary
Dry and warm to hot conditions Monday followed by increasing onshore flow with some potential for thunderstorms. Hot conditions return next weekend. Significant fire potential is increasing with the warm and dry weather.
·         The NW 7-Day Significant Fire Potential Forecast is not currently being produced.
·         The National 7-Day Significant Fire Potential Forecast is being produced and displays forecasts for any/all geographic areas that are reporting.

Fire Potential and Fuel Status Products


NWCC Climate and Significant Fire Potential Outlooks

(currently updated monthly)



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