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Saturday, June 18, 2016

06/18/2016 NWCC Morning Brief

Morning Brief

Date/Time Stamp: Saturday, June 18, 2016 - 0700 hrs
Posting frequency is currently Mondays and Friday mornings, or as activity dictates. Daily reporting begins with increased fire activity.

Northwest Activity Summary

In the past 24 hours, cool and showery weather continued. Scattered, light precipitation throughout the Geographic Area. Scattered lightning. Minimal initial attack.  One existing large fire (Akawana) in patrol status.

Preparedness Levels

1 (6/15/16)
2 (6/6/16)
Northwest PL Forecast

Northwest Fire Activity
Large Fire Summary
New large fires: 0
Large fires contained: 1
Uncontained large fires: 1 (OR: 1, WA: 0)
New Fires and Acres
7 fires for 2 acres
0 acres growth on existing large fires
OR: 3 fires for 0 acres
WA: 4 fires for 2 acres
Northwest IMT Activity
NIMOs committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 0
Type 2 IMTs committed: 0
National Fire Activity
Initial attack activity: 71 new fires
New large incidents: 4

Large fires contained: 1
Uncontained large fires: 13
National IMT Activity
Area Command Teams committed: 0 
NIMOs committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 3

Type 2 IMTs committed: 4

Northwest Current Incident Details

Incidents not Previously Reported: 0

Incidents Previously Reported: 2

0152 Akawana OD OR-955S-000152. IMT3. 13 mi NE of Sisters, OR. Start 6/7. Full Suppression. Cause: lightning. 2,094 acres (+0). 95% containment. Timber/Brush/Slash. Minimal fire behavior. Patrol status. Management returned to local unit 6/16. No new information.

Northwest Fires Utilizing Monitor, Confine, Point Zone Protection Suppression Strategies (YTD) (link)

None currently reported.
Lists fires (of any size) that singly utilize Monitor, Confine or Point Zone Protection suppression strategies, or use Multiple Suppression Strategies (which may also include a Full Suppression component).

Northwest Fire Potential Summary

Unsettled cool conditions continue through this evening with scattered showers and thunderstorms. Isolated ignitions from lightning remain, but significant fire potential remains low for today.  A warming and drying trend will begin Sunday with ignitions and burn potential increasing each day through Wednesday.

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