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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Antilon Lake Fire Update 7-31-16

                                            Contact: Public Information Officer Joe Smillie,                                                                                   360-688-3392,

Despite high winds, firefighters aided by aerial support significantly slowed progress of the Antilon Lake Fire.
Crews from the Forest Service, Washington State Department  of Natural Resources and Chelan County District 5 (Manson) worked through the night to build containment line off existing roads around 50 percent of the fire.
Three Type 2 helicopters and a “fire boss” scooper plane cooled the edges of the fire to give ground forces an advantage in the face of high winds. The fire boss was also deployed to a small brush fire in Chelan Saturday, effectively  halting progression of the flames to nearby homes.
Efforts today, Sunday, will focus on completing containment lines, with two divisions of firefighters working along the  fire’s north and south perimeters.  Crews worked through the night to continue containment efforts. Cooler temperatures and calmer winds are expected     to aid Sunday’s efforts, though afternoon winds could gust up to 25 mph.
The fire was started by an equipment failure around 8 p.m. Friday, July 29. That investigation is ongoing.  High winds Friday night and Saturday fueled the fire, burning grass, brush and scattered trees on steep terrain. Much of area previously burned in the 2002 Deer Point fire.
A southeast region interagency Type 3 Incident Management Team took control of the fire at 8 p.m. Saturday.  No injuries have been reported and no structures have been damaged.
Given the dry conditions and hot temperatures, remember to be cautious and vigilant when working or playing outdoors.

                                             Acres: 596 Command Post: Manson High School


                                            Firefighters - 104

                                             Helicopters - 2

                                             Engines - 8

                                            Dozers - 2

                                            Tenders - 2


                                            Level 1 (Get Ready) for 15 homes on

                                            •   Grade Creek Rd

                                            •   Canyon Ranch Rd

                                            •   Moonbeam Rd

                                            Road Closures:

                                            •   Grade Creek Rd is blocked north of Canyon Ranch Rd junction

                                            •   FS 8210 (Joe Creek Rd) at Cooper Ridge Rd

                                            •   FS 8200-17 (Oss Peak Rd) at Grade Creek

                                            •   FS 8045 at E. Fork Joe Creek Rd.

Weigh Station Fire: 12 p.m. update 07-31-16

Contact: Jamie Knight, 541-786-2039
The Weigh Station Fire burning near Meacham, Oregon, has consumed approximately 700 acres and is uncontained as of this morning. An Interagency Type 3 Incident Command Team has taken control of the fire and is working to strengthen containment lines today. Fire managers are currently assessing the evacuation areas to determine when residents will be allowed to return to the area.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has opened traffic going westbound. Crews are completing hazard tree removal operations along the eastbound lanes. ODOT hopes to have eastbound traffic moving sometime this afternoon when the area is deemed safe for the public. Check for up to date information regarding travel conditions in Oregon.

The fire is burning on lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Working on the fire today are three Type 1 hand crews, three Type 2 hand crews, the Umatilla National Forest Veteran's Crew, six Oregon Department of Corrections crews, two bulldozers, 13 fire engines, four water tenders, one air attack and two helicopters, along with miscellaneous overhead. Approximately 282 personnel are battling the blaze.

American Red Cross has opened a shelter for evacuees. It is located at Sunrise Middle School in Pendleton. The shelter coordinator can be reached at 541-419-4159.

The near-term weather report calls for continued warm temperatures and low relative humidities. The public is reminded that ODF is currently in Regulated Use Closure in northeastern Oregon. Fire managers recommend that recreationists and travelers check the fire regulations before heading out to enjoy the forest. is the spot for current fire information in the Blue Mountains.

To report a fire, call Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch at (541)963-7171 or dial 9-1-1.

7/31/2016 NWCC Morning Fire Update

Date/Time Stamp: Sunday, Jul 31, 2016, 07:07
Posting frequency is daily by 0700.

Northwest Activity Summary
In the past 24 hours, the weather was sunny and windy east of the Cascades. Minimal lightning in the Southeastern corner of Oregon. No precipitation in the Geographic Area. Moderate initial attack with four new large fires east of the Cascades. Bybee Creek grew to 325 acres. Five fires burning in timber fuels in Western Washington are being managed under monitor/confine strategy.

Preparedness Levels
Northwest2 (7/26)
National3 (7/25)
Northwest PL Forecast

Northwest Fire Activity
Large Fire Summary
New large fires: 4
Large fires contained: 0
Uncontained large fires: 7 (OR: 3, WA: 4)
New Fires and Acres27 fires for 27,944 acres
205 acres growth on existing large fires
OR: 10 fires for 623 acres
WA: 17 fires for 27,321 acres
Northwest IMT Activity
NIMOs committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 0
Type 2 IMTs committed: 0
National Fire Activity 
Initial attack activity: 147 new fires
New large incidents: 9
Large fires contained: 4
Uncontained large fires: 27
National IMT Activity
Area Command Teams committed: 0
NIMOs committed: 1
Type 1 IMTs committed: 3
Type 2 IMTs committed: 4

Northwest Current Incident Details
Incidents not Previously Reported: 4
Weigh Station OR-973S-000573. ICT3. 13 miles SE of Pendleton, OR. Start 7/30. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 600 acres (+600). 5% containment. Grass and timber. Active fire behavior. Residences threatened. Evacuations in effect.
North Touchet WA-SES-020574. ICT4. 26 NE of Walla Walla, WA. Start 7/30. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 300 acres (+300). 20% containment. Grass and brush. Active fire behavior. Residences threatened. Evacuations in effect. IMT3 ordered.
Black Rock Road WA-SPD-000597. ICT4. 18 miles WSW of Odessa, WA. Start 7/30. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 15,000 acres (+15,000). 0% containment. Grass and brush. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs. Structures threatened. Sage Grouse habitat threatened. Transition to IMT3 planned this morning.
Range 12 WA-SPD-000344. ICT3. 14 miles E of Yakima, WA. Start 7/30. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 12,000+ acres (+12,000). 0% containment. Grass and Brush. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs. Sage-grouse habitat threatened. Structures threatened.
Incidents Previously Reported: 3
Bybee Creek OR-CLP-000199. ICT3. 18 miles NE of Prospect, OR. Start 7/28. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 325 acres (+205). 5% containment. Timber. Active fire behavior. Trail Closures in effect.
Antilon Lake WA-SES-000340. ICT3. 10 miles NW of Chelan, WA. Start 7/29. Full Suppression. Cause: Human. 500 acres (-100). 10% containment. Timber. Low to moderate fire behavior. Reduction in acreage due to better mapping.
Rattlesnake OR-WSA-000045. ICT4. 10 miles NE of Warm Springs, OR. Start 7/24. Full Suppression. Cause: Human. 9,235 acres (+0). 95% containment. Grass and brush. Minimal fire behavior with creeping, and smoldering. Mop-up.

Lists fires (of any size) that singly utilize Monitor, Confine or Point Zone Protection suppression strategies, or use Multiple Suppression Strategies (which may also include a Full Suppression component).

Northwest Fire Potential Summary
Slightly cooler, more humid and less windy following yesterday’s cold front passage across most of the Geographic Area, except Southeastern Oregon, where windy conditions are expected associated with the cold front. Another cold front is expected to move across the Geographic Area tomorrow evening and Tuesday, bringing a chance of thunderstorms to Northeastern Washington. Significant fire potential is forecast to moderate for the remainder of the week with no high risk events anticipated.

National Incident Management Situation Report (IMSR):
Other GACC Morning Reports: