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Sunday, July 17, 2016

7/14/2016 Wildland Fire Minute

While we have no large fires currently burning in the Pacific Northwest, our hearts are heavy this week after the loss of two BLM firefighters who died in a vehicle accident just south of the Oregon border. A third firefighter sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

The wildland fire community is tight knit, and while these firefighters were from Winnemucca, Nevada, we all feel that connection and loss. If you’re wondering what you can do to help or show support, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main focus is to support families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and to assist injured firefighters and their families.

As the Northwest gets hotter and drier this summer, you can also do your part by helping prevent unwanted human-caused fires. Hey let’s all be safe out there, and we’ll see you on the next Wildland Fire Minute.

To learn more about the latest wildland fire conditions in the Pacific Northwest head on over to:

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