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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Antilon Lake Fire Update 7-31-16

                                            Contact: Public Information Officer Joe Smillie,                                                                                   360-688-3392,

Despite high winds, firefighters aided by aerial support significantly slowed progress of the Antilon Lake Fire.
Crews from the Forest Service, Washington State Department  of Natural Resources and Chelan County District 5 (Manson) worked through the night to build containment line off existing roads around 50 percent of the fire.
Three Type 2 helicopters and a “fire boss” scooper plane cooled the edges of the fire to give ground forces an advantage in the face of high winds. The fire boss was also deployed to a small brush fire in Chelan Saturday, effectively  halting progression of the flames to nearby homes.
Efforts today, Sunday, will focus on completing containment lines, with two divisions of firefighters working along the  fire’s north and south perimeters.  Crews worked through the night to continue containment efforts. Cooler temperatures and calmer winds are expected     to aid Sunday’s efforts, though afternoon winds could gust up to 25 mph.
The fire was started by an equipment failure around 8 p.m. Friday, July 29. That investigation is ongoing.  High winds Friday night and Saturday fueled the fire, burning grass, brush and scattered trees on steep terrain. Much of area previously burned in the 2002 Deer Point fire.
A southeast region interagency Type 3 Incident Management Team took control of the fire at 8 p.m. Saturday.  No injuries have been reported and no structures have been damaged.
Given the dry conditions and hot temperatures, remember to be cautious and vigilant when working or playing outdoors.

                                             Acres: 596 Command Post: Manson High School


                                            Firefighters - 104

                                             Helicopters - 2

                                             Engines - 8

                                            Dozers - 2

                                            Tenders - 2


                                            Level 1 (Get Ready) for 15 homes on

                                            •   Grade Creek Rd

                                            •   Canyon Ranch Rd

                                            •   Moonbeam Rd

                                            Road Closures:

                                            •   Grade Creek Rd is blocked north of Canyon Ranch Rd junction

                                            •   FS 8210 (Joe Creek Rd) at Cooper Ridge Rd

                                            •   FS 8200-17 (Oss Peak Rd) at Grade Creek

                                            •   FS 8045 at E. Fork Joe Creek Rd.

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