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Friday, August 12, 2016

8/12/2016 Juntura Complex Update

Vale, Oregon With 80% of the containment objectives met across the three fires of the Juntura Complex, many crews and equipment are being demobilized. Remaining crews are shifting to mop-up and patrol.Working to detect and cool any remaining heat, firefighters on site today are retrieving extra equipment, constructing water bars along dozer lines, and continuing to patrol the fire areas. An excavator will be used to rehabilitate steep dozer lines on the Sheep Rock fire.

At 7:00 on Saturday, management of the Juntura Complex will be shifted back to two Type 4 teams from the Vale BLM. One is assigned to the 12,793-acre Sheep Rock fire, which had about 75% of its objectives completed yesterday. Another Type 4 team will be assigned to the 11,362-acre Simmons Gulch fire, with 80% of its work completed yesterday. Work on the Rooster Comb fire will be finished today.

Much of Southeast Oregon, Southern Idaho, Northwest Utah, and Nevada continue to be under a “Fuels and Fire Behavior Advisory” as 2-3 times the normal amount of grass fuels grew this year and because the live vegetation has dried to record low moisture levels.  If new fires ignite, there is potential for extremely fast flare-ups and rates of spread on long flame fronts. Fire intensity will be great and burn periods will be long, with active fire behavior continuing during the overnight hours. It is critical that people obey local burn restrictions and are highly cautious with their vehicles and equipment to avoid causing any new fires. Any new fires have the potential to be spread rapidly and be extremely dangerous.

At the Juntura Complex, temperatures will reach 93 degrees today and become hotter through the weekend. Winds are expected to be low, under 5 MPH. There is no rain or lightning forecast for the next two days.


Simmons Gulch: 11,362 acres, 80% contained
Sheep Rock: 12,783 acres, 75% contained
Rooster Comb: 156 acres, 95% contained
Location: West of Vale, Oregon and south of State Highway 20
Hazards: Heavier than normal fuel loads contribute to rapid rate of spread
Values at Risk: Rangelands, sage grouse habitat
Cause: Lightning
Containment: Complex 77%
Resources Committed or Available:
5 Type I Crews 5 Type II Crews 15 Engines
9 Dozers
3 Water Tenders
1 Grader
Personnel: 445

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