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Monday, August 22, 2016

8/22/16 Rail Fire

The Rail Fire advanced to the southeast on Sunday. When the fire made a run towards the Table Rock Lookout, it was estimated to have traveled at 300 yards in 60 seconds. The lookout suffered no damage, as it had been wrapped with aluminum earlier in preparation, but an old outhouse in the area was destroyed. After several days of hot temperatures, and low humidity, the moisture level in the fine fuels (grasses) was at three percent, contributing, with the wind, to the rapid fire spread.
The northern and eastern perimeter lines are now in patrol status, and the lines to the west of the fire are being strengthened on a daily basis. Downed fuels along the southwest edge of the fire are being relocated to provide a larger fuel break.
Along the southern perimeter, crews are prepping lines and roads in advance of the prospect of fire leaving the Wilderness Area, if it progresses that far south.
Overnight, northwest winds at 20 mph continued to push the fire, where receptive timber stringers helped carry it to the south. Winds are expected to continue today and while the fire remains within the established lines, firefighters expect to be chasing some spot fires across the lines to the southeast.
There is a cooling trend forecasted over the fire area for the next several days. Temperatures are expected to be about 10 degrees cooler, but relative humidity will likely still be in the 12-15% range. Winds are a potential problem, as they are expected to increase with gusts of up to 35-40 mph.
Remember there is still plenty of fire season ahead in the area, so please be mindful of any outdoor activities that could spark a wildfire.
Fire at a Glance

Size: acres 31,127
Containment: 35%
Location: 5 miles west of Unity, Oregon
Cause: Under Investigation
Personnel: 905
26 Crews
43 Engines
7 Dozers
29 Water tenders
4 Masticators
5 Skidders/Skidgins
4 Type 1 heavy helicopters
1 Type 2 medium helicopter
2 Type 3 light helicopter
The fire area and multiple roads are closed. The current closure order can be found on Inciweb (see below).
Fire Information:
(541) 446-3592
(Click “Maps” for the closure map)

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