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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

8/30/2016 Wildland Fire Minute

We’ve had a flurry of fire activity over the past week, with many fires burning near communities and forcing evacuations. For example, the Suncrest Fire near Leavenworth, Washington, forced the evacuation of 100 homes, and the recent fires near Spokane impacted hundreds of people.

The troubling common factor in these fires is that none of them have been determined to be lightning fires. That means they are all likely human caused. With hunting season upon us and beautiful fall weather ahead, we again ask, are you doing your part to prevent unwanted, human-caused fires? Please make sure your campfires are cold to the touch before leaving them, that you avoid driving on dry grass; ensure your spark arrestors are in working order and please appropriately discard of all smoking materials. 

We do have lightning in the forecast for much of eastern Oregon on Tuesday, which may ignite new fires. Please don’t add unwanted human fire starts to the mix.

To learn more about the latest wildland fire conditions in the Pacific Northwest head on over to:

Video by Michael Campbell, BLM -- Graphics by Matt Christenson, BLM – Featuring Traci Weaver, BLM/U.S. Forest Service.

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