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Saturday, August 6, 2016

8/6/16 Bybee Creek Fire Update

Firefighters on the ground and in the air continued to secure firelines surrounding the
Bybee Creek Fire on Friday. Eight helicopters and more than two hundred firefighters
reinforced lines boxing the fire between West Rim Road and the Pacific Crest Trail.
Crews took advantage of weather conditions and directly engaged the west flank of the
fire. In other areas with established containment lines, firefighters are cutting hazard
trees in preparation for later rehabilitation.
After Thursday’s strategic firing operations brought an increase of smoke and even ashfall
on the Rim Village, Friday saw lighter smoke drifting away from the lake for much of
the day. Thursday’s firing operation assisted in the containment of the fire and reduced
the long term impacts of smoke to the area.
Temperatures will continue to drop slightly over the weekend, but a moderate increase
in winds on Saturday will test the fire containment lines. Those same winds, however,
will help consume remaining fuels within the perimeter of the fire.
Closures to the West Rim Road and Pacific Crest Trail will continually be assessed for
reopening as soon as conditions allow. The approximate acreage of the fire shows a
slight decrease due to more detailed mapping.
A structure protection group continues to stay in the area to assess threat to historical
buildings which are in no immediate danger.
Fire Restrictions: Crater Lake National Park implemented Stage Level 1 fire restrictions
at midnight July 31, 2016. For more information visit:
Level 1 Evacuation: Crater Lake National Park has issued a Level 1 Evacuation Notice
for Rim Village and Park Headquarters until further notice. The Level 1 notice informs
residents and visitors to “be ready” for a potential evacuation of Rim Village and Park
Headquarters in the event that the Bybee Creek Fire approaches those areas. Mazama
Village and other areas in the park are not affected by this Level 1 notice.
Closure: The Pacific Crest Trail is closed from Dutton Creek Camp north to the PCT
parking lot on North Entrance Road. The Rim Trail is closed between Rim Village and
North Junction. PCT hikers should use East Rim Drive as an alternate route. Lightning
Springs Trail and backcountry camp are closed. The West Rim Drive from Rim Village to
North Junction is temporarily closed.
Quick Facts
Incident Summary
Approximate Acreage 1,116
Fire Containment: 45%
Start Date and Cause: July 28th, unknown
Incident Commander: Chris Schulte
Resources on the Fire:
Crews: 10
Engines: 12
Water Tenders: 6
Helicopters: 7
Fixed wing air tankers: 0
Total Personnel: 393

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