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Saturday, August 6, 2016

8/6/2016 Olympic Fires Update

Yesterday’s fire observations show that fire activity remains minimal. The National Weather Service calls for cooler moist air to drift over Olympic National Park through the weekend with elevated humidity and below early August seasonal temperatures. This weather pattern will result in a continuation of limited fire behavior.
Even with cooler weather expected, the four fires still have the potential to smolder and creep along the forest floor. Smoke may not be visible in the park or from surrounding communities; however this is not an indicator that the fires are no longer burning. The fires can remain active for long periods of time even during cool, wet weather conditions. Underground root systems and forest floor material can still burn and smolder with wet weather. If a warmer and dryer weather system moves in later in the summer, fire activity has the potential to resume. Fire officials will continue to monitor fire behavior throughout the summer and are prepared to take action as needed.  
Human safety is the top priority for all fire-related decisions.  All trails in Olympic National Park are open. With the current locations and conditions of the fires, and the weather forecast, no changes or closures are anticipated in the next week.
For current information about visiting Olympic National Park, as well as information about the history and role of fire in the Olympic ecosystem, please visit the park’s website at

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