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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

08/02/2016 1950 Hours Kewa Wildfire DAILY UPDATE

 Fire Information Center
509 634-3119 8 am to 9 pm

Keller, WA – Today the Kewa Fire started at approximately 1310 hours. Wind gusts reaching 15 – 20 mph caused downed power lines igniting the fire. Today a Red Flag Warning is in effect from 1100 – 2000 hours. This means that critical fire conditions are either occurring now or will shortly. A combination of strong winds, low relative humidity, and warm temperatures will create extreme fire growth potential.
Twenty-four structures are threated and three residents have been notified of a Level 3 Evacuation. A Level 3 Evacuation means LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.
Several other residents have been notified of a Level 2 Evacuation. A Level 2 Evacuation means BE READY. This level indicates there is significant danger to your area, and residents should either voluntarily relocate to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area.
Initial suppression efforts included building dozer lines and using existing roads to help contain the fire. Aircraft is providing support to firefighters but winds cause the aircrafts to be grounded temporarily.
Firefighters are dealing with steep slopes, gusty erratic winds and thunderstorms. The fire is fueled by mixed timber and grass.
The Kewa Fire has burned 2,500 acres south of Inchelium, WA.  Approximately 60 fire fighters are assigned to this fire. Temporary fight restrictions are in place meaning no drones or nonessential aircraft are allowed within the fire zone.
The objectives are to locate safe access routes and to identify anchor points and existing roads or natural barriers to construct fire lines.
An order for additional resources has been placed. A Type 2 Interagency Incident Management Team is expected to arrive tomorrow and the Incident Command Post will be set up at the Inchelium Community Center, Hornet Lane #9, Inchelium, WA.
Firefighters on today’s day shift will be working until 10:00 pm. A night Incident Commander has been assigned along with additional resources will be working on the fire line all night. Their mission is to provide point protection of structures. A night Duty Officer will be available to address imminent needs at the MTFC.
Tomorrow the weather is anticipated to be partly cloudy with 15 mph wind gusts in the afternoon, and temperatures reaching 80 degrees.

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