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Sunday, September 4, 2016

9/04/2016 Cayuse Mountain Fire Update

Today is the final day a daily update will be produced.

Today, firefighters on the Cayuse Mountain Fire will continue to focus on securing the containment line in the Matthews Lake area while rehabilitation of dozer and hand lines continues in other areas of the fire. There are 97 personnel assigned to the fire. Management of the Cayuse Mountain Fire will transition to a local Type 4 team on Tuesday morning at 7 am. Today is the final day a daily update will be produced.

A Burned Area Emergency Response Team (BAER) will continue their work to assess threats to critical values caused by the fire. BAER team members include a geologist, hydrologist, forester, fisheries biologist, and archeologists.

Level 1 and Level 2 evacuations are still in place. The community of Wellpinit is currently under Level 1 (READY) evacuation notice and all residences in the fire footprint are currently under a Level 2 (SET) evacuation notice. Road closures also remain in place. They include Elijah Road, Flett Road, Mathews Lake Road, Jacobs Road, Brandom Road, and Wynecoop-Cayuse Road.

Spokane Tribal Fire Management has scheduled presentations in the communities of Wellpinit, Westend, and Ford next week to teach individuals who live in high risk wildfire areas how to best prepare themselves and their properties against wildland fire threats. Ready, Set, Go! is a three step process that helps homeowners create their own action plan for getting their property wildfire prepped and ready long before a fire threatens. More information on READY SET GO! can be found at

After today, fire updates and changes to evacuation levels or road closures will be posted on the Rawhide Press Facebook page and website at, or delivered via Moccasin Express.

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