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Friday, July 14, 2017

7/14/2017 Morning Brief

Northwest Activity Summary
Continued seasonal temperatures and breezy conditions persisted across the region with light scattered precipitation received along the coast. No lightning over the region. Light initial attack yesterday with one new large fires reported. One large fire contained. Increased containment on existing large fires.

Preparedness Levels
3 (7/13)
4 (7/9)
Northwest PL Forecast

Northwest Fire Activity
Large Fire Summary
New large fires: 1
Large fires contained: 1
Uncontained large fires: 6 (OR: 4 WA: 2)
New Fires and Acres 13 fires for 532 acres 50 acres growth on existing large fires
OR: 5 fires for 12 acres
WA: 8 fires for 520 acres
Northwest IMT Activity
NIMOs committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 0
Type 2 IMTs committed: 2

National Fire Activity
Initial attack activity: Light (151) new fires
New large incidents: 7
Large fires contained: 7
Uncontained large fires: 39
National IMT Activity
Area Command Teams committed: 0
NIMOs committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 4
Type 2 IMTs committed: 13

Northwest Current Incident Details
Incidents not Previously Reported: 1
Wenas WA-SES-000214. ICT4. 5 mi N of Naches, WA. Start 7/13. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 500 acres. 20% containment. Grass and brush. Moderate fire behavior. Much of the fire is lined. No additional resources requested.
Incidents Previously Reported: 6
Ana OR-LAD-000238. IMT2, NW Team 12 (Harrod). 2 mi NW of Summer Lake, OR. Start 7/08. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 5,874 acres (+0). 90% containment. Brush, grass and timber. Creeping and smoldering. Mop-up ongoing. Sage-grouse habitat.
Dry Creek WA-SES-000194. IMT2, NW Team 6 (Sheldon). 6 mi N of Husum, WA. Start 7/08. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 337 acres (+0). 50% containment. Timber. Creeping and smoldering. The fire is lined. Hwy 141 open with pilot car.
Coyote OR-BUD-007049. ICT3. 30 mi SW of Riley, OR. Start 7/12. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 1,583 acres (+0). 90% containment. Grass and Brush. Minimal fire behavior. Mop-up ongoing. Sage-grouse habitat.
McCarty OR-LAD-000248. ICT4. 4 mi SE of Alkali Lake, OR. Start 7/11. Start  7/11 Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 980 acres (+0). 63% containment. Minimal Fire behavior. Mop-up ongoing. Sage-grouse habitat. No update received.
Buck OR-WWF-000388. ICT4. 16 mi E of Imnaha, OR. Start 7/10. Full Suppression. Cause: Lightning. 1,007 acres (+50). 70% containment. Grass and Brush. Minimal fire behavior. Minimal growth expected. The fire is in the Hell’s Canyon Wilderness area.
Hart OR-SHR-000245. ICT4. 41 mi NE of Lakeview, OR. Start 7/11. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 466 acres (+0). 100% containment. Grass and Brush. Minimal fire behavior. Sage-grouse habitat. The fire is on the Sheldon-Hart Wildlife Refuge. Last report on morning briefing unless significant activity occurs.

Lists fires (of any size) that singly utilize Monitor, Confine or Point Zone Protection suppression strategies, or use Multiple Suppression Strategies (which may also include a Full Suppression component).

Northwest Fire Potential Summary
Fire danger indices will continue to rise through the weekend. Lightning and atmospheric instability are expected to arrive over Central and Eastern Oregon late Friday and Saturday. This is likely to trigger some fires with the biggest risk of new large fires over PSAs NW11 and NW12 (Eastern Oregon). General winds will increase from the west on Saturday through the Columbia River Gorge and east slopes of the Cascades on Saturday as well. All this means increased fire activity is likely over the weekend.

National Incident Management Situation Report (IMSR):
Other GACC Morning Reports:

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