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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

9/12/2017 Miller Complex Update

Community Meetings: The team will host two community meetings this week to brief the public on the progress of the Miller Complex. The west side community meeting will be held today, Tuesday, September 12, at 6:00 p.m. at the Williams Elementary School located at 20691 Williams Hwy, Williams, OR 97544. The eastside community meeting will be held Wednesday, September 13 at 6:00 p.m. at the Applegate Valley Fire Station #9 1095 Upper Applegate Road Jacksonville, OR 97530.
Current Situation: Team operations continue to meet fire objectives, adjusting plans based on available resources and changing weather conditions. Due to national fire activity, resources are limited. Containment lines continue to hold with great success throughout the complex. Higher humidity, lower temperatures and moisture reduced fire behavior and assisted in securing containment lines on the Creedence, Bigelow and Burnt Peak fires. Crews on the Abney fire will continue to build, improve and secure containment lines to the east, north and northwest of the Abney fire. Firefighters continue to patrol and monitor secured line in all divisions of the complex.
Cooler weather and increased humidity has decreased smoke over the fire area. Dry air and some gusty winds may be present over the next burn period and cooler temperatures are predicted later in the week. Fuel moistures continue to be low to very low. Although progress has been made, the public can still expect to see smoke and burning within the interior of the fires until a season-ending event occurs.
Creedence Fire and Bigelow (Grayback) Fire (Seven miles south of Williams; Creedence: 2,089 acres; Bigelow: 71 acres). Fire activity on the Creedence and Bigelow fires has been minimal over the last few days. Firefighters continue mop-up efforts. Given the dense fuel-type, the interior of the fire will continue to smoke and burn for some time. Firefighters will continue to maintain a presence on the fire as mop-up continues.
Burnt Peak Fire (Nine miles southwest of Ruch and 3 miles north of Applegate Lake; 4,147 acres). Although the fire has not grown in several days, residents may continue to see fire activity within the fire’s interior. Crews will continue to patrol the fire perimeter.
Abney Fire (South of Applegate Lake and north of Seiad Valley, CA; 27,257acres). Crews are working on the east and west flanks of the Abney Fire. Crews are beginning line construction and burn-out on the west side of the fire near the wilderness today. Contingency lines are being constructed to the east of direct line efforts to reinforce containment efforts.
Miller Complex Abney Fire (section located on the Klamath National Forest): Containment lines on the north and the east side from Forest Road 46N50 north to the Pacific Crest Trail of the Abney fire have been completed. Crews are focusing efforts on the south side of the Abney fire Horse Creek and the southern portion of Forest Road 46N50 to secure containment lines and protect the Seiad Valley community.
Evacuations: The Joe Bar area, located in California near the north edge of the Abney Fire, remains under an evacuation warning. All other evacuations have been lifted.

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