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Friday, October 18, 2019

10/18/2019 NWCC Morning Brief

*Please note posting schedule change**
Date/Time Stamp: Friday, Oct 18, 2019, 07:38
Starting today 10/18, report will post every Friday, unless significant activity occurs.

Northwest Activity Summary
Extensive moisture coverage across the Region occurred, with the west side of the Cascades receiving heavy to wetting rains. East of the Cascades precipitation was light to wetting. Cooler temperatures and overcast conditions occurred through the day. Initial attack activity was light, while prescribed fire activity in heavy fuels continued across the Region.

Preparedness LevelsNorthwest PL

National PL

Northwest IMT Rotation (10/15-10/22)
NW Area Type 1
NW Area Type 2
PNW Team 2 - Allen
NW Team 9 - Goff
PNW Team 3 - Livingston
NW Team 12 - Harrod

NW Team 10 - Lawson

Northwest Incident Activity
New Fires and Acresfires for 0 acres
OR: 0 fires for 0 acres
WA: 0 fires for 0 acres
Large Fire Summary
New large incidents: 0
Reported incidents: 0 (OR: 0 WA: 0)
No growth on existing incidents
Northwest IMT Activity
NIMOs Committed: 0
Type 1 IMTs committed: 0
Type 2 IMTs committed: 0
National Fire Activity
IMSR posts weekly on Fridays (10/11 – 10/17)
Initial attack activity: Light (662) new fires
New large incidents: 12
Large fires contained: 14
Uncontained large fires: 6

National IMT Activity
Area Command Teams: 0
NIMOs committed: 
Type 1 IMTs committed: 2
Type 2 IMTs committed: 0

Nationally, there are 8 large fires being managed under a strategy other than full suppression.

Northwest Current Incident Details
Incidents listed below meet large fire criteria and/or incidents with a Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned. Large incidents are defined as fires which are 100+ acres in timber or 300+ acres in grass/brush. For additional information on incidents no longer listed below please refer to the NW Large Incident Summary or Northwest Fires Utilizing Monitor, Confine, Point Zone Protection Suppression Strategies (YTD)
Incidents not Previously Reported: 0
Incidents Previously Reported: 0

Northwest Fire Weather Summary
Wet weather is expected across the west side on Friday then over the whole Region during the weekend. Several frontal systems will push across the area. Expect gusty general winds at times. The prime locations for gusty winds will be mainly over the coast and central Washington late Friday and then mainly over eastern Oregon on Saturday. Refer to your NWS forecasts for details for your area.

Northwest Fire Potential Summary
Significant fire potential is effectively nil due to continued wet weather and dropping fire danger. If any units are attempting burn projects on Saturday be sure to request and review spot forecasts if wind could pose a problem, particularly in central Oregon and parts of central Washington. Longer range forecasts suggest a return to drier weather by midweek next week.

National Incident Management Situation Report (IMSR):
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