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Friday, July 28, 2017

07/28/2017 NWCC Morning Brief

Date/Time Stamp: Friday, Jul 28, 2017, 06:52

Northwest Activity Summary
No lightning in the area yesterday, and very little to no precipitation recorded.  It was warm and dry across eastern Oregon and Washington, with some breezy areas in northern Washington and poor overnight humidity recovery in the mountains of northeastern Washington. 
Light initial attack across the area.  Initial attack was generally very successful in forested areas, but low land fires burned more aggressively in the heavy, continuous grass and shrubs. 
NIMO (Quesinberry) assigned to the Indian Creek incident on the Mt. Hood NF and NIMO (Houseman) assigned to the Chetco Bar incident on the Rogue-Siskiyou NF.

Preparedness Levels
3 (7/13)
4 (7/9)

Northwest PL Forecast

Northwest Fire Activity
Large Fire Summary
New large fires: 3
Large fires contained: 1
Uncontained large fires: 8 (OR: 6 WA: 2)
New Fires and Acres
24 fires for 2301 acres
2,550 acres growth on existing large fires
OR: 20 fires for 1415 acres
WA:  4 fires for 886 acres
Northwest IMT Activity
NIMOs committed: 2
Type 1 IMTs committed: 0
Type 2 IMTs committed: 1
National Fire Activity
Initial attack activity: Light (152) new fires
New large incidents: 6
Large fires contained: 5
Uncontained large fires: 36
National IMT Activity
Area Command Teams committed: 0
NIMOs committed: 1
Type 1 IMTs committed: 4
Type 2 IMTs committed: 11

Northwest Current Incident Details
Incidents not Previously Reported: 3
Whitewater OR-WIF-170123 IMT3. 15 miles E of Detroit, OR. Start 7/23. Confine. Cause: Lightning. 85 acres. 15% containment. Timber. Active fire behavior with backing, torching and short range spotting.  Road, area, and trail closures in effect. IMT2 (Knerr) has been ordered. Not included in the large fire count.
Paterson Slough WA-MCR-000285 IMT3. 3 miles N of Irrigon, OR. Start 7/27. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 886 acres. 75% containment. Grass. Active fire behavior with wind driven runs.
Hawk OR-VAD-000142 IMT3. 10 miles NW of Jordan Valley, OR. Start 7/27. Full Suppression. Cause: Lightning. 1,412 acres. 75% containment. Brush/grass. Active fire behavior.
Incidents Previously Reported: 5
Blanket Creek OR-RSF-000371 IMT3. 9 miles NE of Prospect, OR. Start 7/25. Full Suppression. Cause: Lightning. 150 acres. 0% containment. Timber. Moderate fire behavior with short crown runs, flanking and group torching. Road and trail closures in place. IMT2 (Gales) planned to assume command tomorrow (7/29).
Emerson OR-OCF-000638. IMT3. 4 miles NE of Madras, OR. Start 7/25. Full Suppression. Cause: Human. 10,527 acres (-92). 60% containment. Grass/brush. Moderate fire behavior with isolated torching, creeping and smoldering. Residences and structures threatened. Road and area closures in place.
Crane OR-982S-000299. IMT3. 4 miles SE of Lakeview, OR. Start 7/24. Full Suppression. Cause: Lightning. 602 acres (+32). 40% containment. Timber. Minimal fire behavior.
Upper Mine OR-BUD-007058. IMT2 (Johnson). 8 mi S of Fields, OR. Start 7/24. Full Suppression. Cause: Lightning. 4,135 acres (+35). 75% containment. Grass/brush. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Structures threatened.
Bissell WA-NES-001521. IMT3. 8 mi N of Hunters, WA. Start 7/23. Full Suppression. Cause: Unknown. 377 acres (+0). 98% containment. Timber/brush/grass. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. Structures threatened. Last report on morning briefing unless significant activity occurs.

Lists fires (of any size) that singly utilize Monitor, Confine or Point Zone Protection suppression strategies, or use Multiple Suppression Strategies (which may also include a Full Suppression component).

Northwest Fire Potential Summary
Large fire potential is decreasing back to normal levels following several days of heavy lightning. Any additional lightning will not be as concentrated over what has been observed for the past few days. Initial attack will likely remain engaged with holdover fires in southwest, south central, and eastern Oregon for the next several days but the number of new fires is not expected to exceed resource capabilities. A warming and drying trend setting in will help keep fire danger indices above average for the next week at least. No widespread critical fire weather patterns are expected for the time being but local conditions should be monitored for influence on ongoing incidents.   

See your local NWS fire weather planning forecast for the weather details and any Red Flag Warnings in your area.

National Incident Management Situation Report (IMSR):
Other GACC Morning Reports:


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