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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7/11/2018 Small Wildfire in Boulder Creek Wilderness

Contact: Emily Veale (541) 670-7248,

 Small Wildfire in Boulder Creek Wilderness
Fire managers continue to be proactive early in the season.

Roseburg, OR
7-11-2018 —Umpqua National Forest   

A small wildfire is burning in the northern portion of the Boulder Creek Wilderness on the Diamond Lake Ranger District. The Silver Rock fire was detected late last week after a wisp of smoke was spotted by a member of the public and was also detected on DFPA’s (Douglas Forest Protective Association) camera. It is approximately 3 acres in size with minimal activity. The cause is currently under investigation.
This fire is currently burning within the footprint of the 2008 Rattle Fire which left mosaic patterns of unburned trees bordered by acres of numerous snags. The terrain is different than much of the designated wilderness areas on the Umpqua. Rather than being bordered by a mountain it has extremely steep, rocky canyons, cliffs, large patches of snags, timber and brush. These landscape characteristics coupled with the area being inaccessible by roads makes it an area of extreme risk for firefighters.
Fire managers have determined that the best course of action is a suppression strategy to contain the fire within the wilderness boundary. Helicopter bucket drops began the afternoon of July 10th and will be used to minimize the spread of the wildfire. Engine crews will be prepping the FS3810 road on the northern portion of the wilderness. Aerial infrared detection will be used to monitor the fire.
“Firefighter safety is a primary concern when considering how to suppress this fire,” states Forest Supervisor Alice Carlton. “For this reason, we will continue to utilize sound risk management practices in developing fire suppression strategies. Forest and fire managers will continue to work closely with local, State and federal cooperators as fire season progresses.

As we move forward into hotter, drier weather we ask that the public remain vigilant in extinguishing their fires while camping. We continue to look to the support of the public in minimizing any human caused wildfires on the forest.

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