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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

9/06/2016 Rail Fire Update

Fewer crews needed as repair assignments are completed; many demobilizing

Unity, Oregon – Mop-up and repair assignments are nearing completion and the containment objectives are 85% accomplished around much of the 41,716-acre Rail Fire. Thus, many firefighters and equipment are being demobilized to return to their home units for rest and reassignment to new fires.

Most of the remaining repair tasks involve using crews, excavators and graders to return roads to their pre-fire condition and repairing dozer and hand-firelines. The firelines often require the construction of water bars, re-working the side slopes and adding slash to the surface to create a more natural appearance and prevent future erosion.

Rain is expected today, further increasing confidence that the fire will not be able to escape containments lines and spread.

Firefighters and Equipment Operators must complete a series of demobilization tasks before they leave the organized fire camp and command post. They pack and clean their camping area. They return any items, equipment or radios that were checked out from the Supply cache. They run their vehicles through a “Weed Wash” to prevent transport of invasive weeds they might have picked up before they travel home or to the next incident. They make sure their financial documents are in order. Their vehicles are checked for road worthiness. They take sack lunches for the meal on the way home.

The area immediately around the Rail Fire remains closed due to firefighters working, interior heat, weakened trees and damaged roads. Forest Road 16 remains closed south and east of the fire area. Forest Road 2652 is closed between 2640 and FR13. As fire traffic in the area subsides, some of these roads will reopen. Please check local Forest Service websites and offices for current Closure information. There is also a current Road and Area Closure map at

Fire Information:
(541) 446-3592

Fire at a Glance
Size: 41,716 acres
Containment: 85%
Location: 5 miles west of Unity, Oregon
Cause: Under Investigation
Personnel: 624

18 Crews
13 Engines
1 Dozer
16 Water tenders
1 Masticator

3 Type 1 heavy helicopters
1 Type 3 light helicopter

Closures: The area immediately around the Fire remains closed. Forest Road 16 remains closed south and east of the fire area. 2652 is closed between 2640 and FR13. Most other roads have been opened. The closure order and map can be seen at
Click “Maps” for the current closure map.

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