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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

8/24/2016 Spokane Complex Morning Update

Fire Information:  (509) 477-2780                                           

Wednesday, August 24, 2016, 9:00 am

Fire managers of the Spokane Complex will sponsor a public meeting tonight at 6:00 pm to interact with members of the public regarding the current fire situation.  The meeting will be held at the Freeman High School gymnasium.  

Last night after consultation with fire managers, the Spokane County Sheriff reduced all evacuation levels to Level 1.  Essentially, this level of evacuation notice means that the public should be aware that there is still active fire in the area.  Please contact the Spokane County Sheriff or Spokane Emergency Management at: for more information.

The Wellesley Fire is now 100% contained and the Yale Fire is 50% contained.  Firefighters continue to work toward 100% containment and control.  Due to better mapping resulting from an infrared flight last night, the Wellesley Fire is now estimated to be 365 acres while the Yale Fire is 6886 acres.

Most of the active fire within the Yale Fire is located south of Rock Canyon and in Hangman Valley.  Yesterday, firefighters conducted a burn-out operation on the east side of the Hangman Road.  Burn-out tactics are used in order to ensure fire lines remain secure by consuming unburnt fuels adjacent to fire lines.  The majority of smoke yesterday was a result of the burn-out operation.  The public may see additional smoke today as firefighters continue burn-out operations on the west side of Hangman Road. 

Winds are expected to change direction and come from the northeast thereby testing fire lines.  Firefighters continue to mop up hot spot and reinforce fire lines.  Hand-held infrared cameras will also be used adjacent to residences and improvements to ensure all hot spots are extinguished.

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