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Sunday, August 28, 2016

8/28/2016 High Pass 12.5 Fire Update


Residents along High Pass Road affected by the Level 1 evacuation order can rest a little easier today. ODF reminds all Oregonians to be careful at home and in the forest to prevent a wildfire from starting.  Weather conditions are better than a few days ago but fuels are still very dry and susceptible to fire.

Due to heavy fire fighting traffic, there is still a road block on High Pass Rd at the west end of Lavell Road.

The High Pass 12.5 Fire is entering the next stage: mop-up.  At the 5:30 a.m. morning briefing in fire camp, Day Operations Supervisor Matt Flock gave the fire fighters direction to not leave any hot spots for the district personnel to handle.  Last night the fire was flown and an Infra-red camera was used to detect where the hot spots (heat) remains in the ground.  In addition, handheld Infra-red cameras were used on the ground by fire fighters who walk the burn area. Fluorescent flagging marks hot spots on the ground for the fire fighters to expose and extinguish.

It takes a tremendous amount of personnel to cover the fire area and mop-up the heavy fuels.
Resources on the fire today are: 22 (20 person) crews, 2 medium and 2 light helicopters, 12 engines, 1 dozer, 11 water tenders.

There are a total of 537 personnel assigned to this incident.

Fire size remains unchanged at 195 acres and is 35% contained.

To date, no injuries and only one heat related incident has occurred.

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