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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

9/13/2017 Whitewater Fire Update - Includes Little Devil, Scorpion, French and Potato Hill Fires

General Information: The Clagett Fire and Fire # 293 located in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness are now under the management of incident commander Doug Johnson. Helicopters dropped buckets of water yesterday in an effort to check the movements of both fires. The Clagett Fire has grown to 77 acres and Fire #293 is estimated at .5 acres. The warmer temperatures and gusty winds also increased the fire behavior on the Little Devil Fire in the afternoon and evening. Additional firefighting resources are beginning to arrive to assist in suppression efforts.
Detroit Ranger District – see Whitewater Fire on Inciweb for updates on the following fires.
The overall strategy is directed at protecting Values at Risk which includes High voltage powerlines critical to Portland, private timberlands to the west, and preventing fire from impacting the Breitenbush Hot Springs area. Actions will be continually evaluated based on resource availability, weather, and fuel conditions on the ground.
Whitewater Fire: 11,046 acres, 33% contained Firefighters are gathering pumps and equipment on the southern perimeter preparing it for back haul. Hose and equipment will be left in place where needed to ensure the fire remains within control lines.
Little Devil: 1,885 acres, 5% contained. The Little Devil Fire became active in the late afternoon burning to the northwest of the Devils Peak and developing a visible column. Firefighters are completing mastication on the west side of the fire along Forest Road (FR) 883 and working to reduce the piles of vegetative materials from prepping roads. Firefighters are poised to burnout constructed handline on the north end of the fire between Breitenbush and Little Devil Creeks. Conditions are approaching the prescribed burn threshold and firefighters are preparing to begin burnout operations when condition warrant.
Scorpion Fire: 655 acres, 5% contained. Firefighters implementing a plan to reduce approximately 10,000 acres within the large, indirect containment box by constructing lines much closer to the fires edge. Masticators are working the west line preparing FR 4698 by removing brush and vegetation. Crews have completed constructing handline on the east side. Firefighters are working to continually improve indirect lines utilizing existing roads. A structure protection group is working in the Breitenbush residential and retreat area.
French Fire: 2 acres. 95% contained. This fire is in patrol status. Crews are gathering hose from the fire lines and prepare it for back hauling to the incident command post.
Clagett Lake Fire: 77 acres. 0% contained. Located near Clagett Lake in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness Area. Helicopters worked to check the fire with water bucket drops.
Slideout Fire #293: .5 acres. 0% contained. Located near Slideout Lake in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness Area. Helicopters worked to check the fire with water bucket drops.
McKenzie River Ranger District – see Potato Hill on Inciweb.
Potato Hill: 199 acres 95% contained. This fire is in patrol status. Flames were visible from the Hwy 20 but were well interior from the fire’s edge. Firefighters were working to cool these spots. Equipment is working to repair suppression lines by installing water bars and smoothing dozer line berms.
The public is asked to drive defensively and slow down through this area when fire resources are near the highway. Smoke will continue to be seen within the perimeter until a season ending event.

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