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Monday, September 14, 2015

9/14/2015 Grizzly Bear Complex Update

Crews continue progress with help of weather

     Dayton, WA – With the relocation of Incident Command Post from Elgin, OR to Dayton, WA and the new location of spike camp at Elk Flat, crews are more strategically placed to complete remaining fire line rehabilitation and continue suppression and mop up of active fire. 

Bear Ridge Fire, a smaller fire north of the main Grizzly Bear complex fire, continues to put out smoke and torch trees.  Crews are focusing on mop up and patrolling the northern flanks for structure protection around Slick Ear and Little Turkey cabins.

Cloud cover over the area has brought much cooler temperatures and a slight increase in humidity.  This change in the weather will continue to help slow fire growth and aid suppression efforts over the next several days.

The public is reminded that the fire footprint and adjacent areas are still closed to entry.  Fire managers are concerned about an increase in reports of public entrance into the closed area.  Safety of the public and firefighters is the number one priority.  If disregard for the closure order continues, an expanded closure area may be implemented to allow for easier enforcement.

Forest Roads 64, 6415, 62 and potions of the 46 and 4608 roads are all closed.  The Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness and some adjacent non-wilderness lands that have been directly impacted by fire will remain closed to access.  This non-wilderness area is roughly the area from Big Hole to Eden Bench. See the websites listed below for maps of the most up-to-date area and road closures.

A current closure description and map of closed roads is available at all Umatilla National Forest offices as well as on the Umatilla National Forest website: in addition to the “closures” tab located at the

Fire Information 541-612-0059

*Note: This number will no longer be active after Thursday, September 17, 2015.

After Thursday, please call the following numbers for information concerning the Grizzly Bear Complex on the Walla Walla or Pomeroy Districts. General questions can be answered at the Supervisor’s Office.
·       Pomeroy Ranger District at 509-843-1891
·       Walla Walla Ranger District at 509-522-6290
·       Pendleton Supervisors Office at 541-278-3716

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