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Saturday, September 19, 2015

9/19/2015 National Creek Complex Update

National Creek Fire 9/19/2015
  • Yesterday, there was a recon flight over the fire and small areas of smoke were spotted in the Northwest and Southeast sections of the fire. These were not large plumes of smoke, but areas that are hot beneath the wet surface. All of the smoke was within the interior of the containment and contingency lines. The fire continues to burn internal fuels.
  • Today, the firefighters will connect the direct line from the southern tip of the fire with the indirect line around the south end of the Desert Cone.
  • Fire crews continue to mop up and secure the remaining southern fire edge.
  • The weather will continue to warm up the fire area causing visible smoke. There should be minimal fire spread with sustaining heat.
  • Crews have created a 100 foot barrier along a good portion of the Northwest perimeter of the fire. However, there remains a section, where the terrain is steep and the danger of snags falling, is not conducive to inserting firefighters. They continue to watch this area, ready for initial attack should there be a need.  
  • The Burn Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team will be in the burned area of the fire today conducting an assessment.  They will determine the need for emergency stabilization in order to prevent further damage to life, property or natural resources.

There will be a Bicycle ride around the East Rim of Crater Lake National Park today Saturday September 19, 2015. Please drive safely and watch for cyclist.

The Crater Lake National Park North Entrance road and the PCT trail remain open. If you plan to visit the area you may want to check out the Crater Lake National Park web page ( or call the fire information number (541) 600-4089.


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